Jigless Robot Nailer

The Jigless Robot Nailer builds complete four-way entry pallets of all types without jigs and with very fast changeover. The operator loads boards into magazines which are fed automatically into the robot cell. The robot nails and stacks the pallets. Options include inkjet printing and corner chamfering. Another option is Jointecs patented No Coil Nailing system allowing the use of loose nails.
Complete pallet, one unit, extremely fast to change

Key facts for the Jigless Robot Nailer:

  • Sizes of pallets: 400x400 to 1600x1600 (mm)
  • Output per day: 200 to 350 pallets
  • Change over time:15 seconds
  • Number of operators: 0.5 - operator can handle two or more cells or cut wood etc.