Jointec Smart Solutions

Jointec - with long experience and high presence on the pallet market- supports pallet producers focuesed on flexible and smart solutions. Production cells instead of lines, flexible before size.

Take a look at the videos below and experience foloowing benefits:

- robots in motion on rails to cover several cells in parallel. High output with one robot

- Simple Nailer solution together with a vertical turntable - secure and low resources 

- Jointec 2 Table - flexible and secure. Easy to change set-up and maintain with out any downtime.


Jointec Rail Robot

Jointec Rail Robot is a flexible solution for parallel production. The Robot on Rails covers a long range and is powering several modules of cells. Safety is high with a security fence and separate cell security. Your production is never shutdown by a robot on rails and parallel cells.

Jointec 2 Table solution

By Jointec 2 Table solution you reach parallel production of pallets by one Robot. Higher security, mitigated loss of productivity,  and even abaility for planned maintenance and set-up time without full stop. Just go produce Pallets - powered by Jointec 2 Table solution

Jointec Simple Nailer - together with a vertical turn-table

Jointec Simple Nailer together with a turntable offers you to produce with a low level of FTEs. One man show - low cost solution.